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Performance characteristics of pipe floating body

Feb. 26, 2021

Performance characteristics of sand pumping pipe floating body:


1. The upper surface of the floating body of the sand pumping pipe adopts a non-slip pattern design, which is safe and stable;


2. The four corners are all arc-shaped obtuse angles to avoid the common dangers of general cement, wooden, and iron facilities, such as: slipping, being stabbed by wood chips, rust nails, etc.;


3. It is not corroded by seawater, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains, and aquatic organisms, without pollution, and does not damage the environment;


4. The assembly is simple, fast, flexible, and diverse in shapes. The overall modular structure can meet the needs of various landscapes and quickly change the platform shape;

 Performance characteristics of  pipe floating bodyPerformance characteristics of  pipe floating body

5. The appearance is bright in color and beautiful in shape, which is the icing on the cake and enhances the publicity effect;


6. The floating body of the sand pumping pipe has a high bearing capacity, stable and durable cylinder, and the buoyancy per square meter can reach more than 350kg;


7. The service life of this product is more than 10 years. Except for strong natural force and artificial improper use, it does not need to spend any maintenance and repair costs.

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