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China Shenhua is a joint stock limited company founded exclusively by the original Shenhua Group Company, which was established on November 8, 2004. China Shenhua H shares and A shares were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 15, 2005 and October 9, 2007, respectively.

At present, China Shenhua is the national energy group coal and transportation industry operation and management platform. It is the only A+H listed company of the national energy group, and the largest listed company with the largest asset scale and the strongest profitability. As of December 31, 2019, the company's asset scale was 557 billion yuan, there were 38 secondary enterprises (including 21 wholly-owned and 17 holding companies), a total of 75,000 employees, and a total market value of US$50.3 billion (approximately RMB 3504 100 million yuan), is the world's largest listed coal company and the world's fourth largest comprehensive mining listed company.

China Shenhua is the core of the integrated operation of the National Energy Group. The company is mainly engaged in the five major businesses of coal, power, railway, port shipping, and coal chemical industry. Taking coal mining as a starting point, it uses its own transportation and sales network, as well as the downstream power and coal chemical industry to promote cross-industry and cross-industry vertical integration The development model has been improved, the industrial concentration has been increased, and the added value of products has been increased, which has formed a scale advantage and constituted China Shenhua’s core competitiveness.

Coal business: The approved production capacity is 330 million tons. Among them, the Shendong mining area has a production capacity of 200 million tons of clean and environmentally friendly coal, and various production, technology, energy consumption, environmental protection and other indicators have reached the world's advanced level.

Electricity business: The total installed capacity put into operation is 31.3 million kilowatts, of which coal-fired power generation is 30.22 million kilowatts, gas-fired power generation is 950,000 kilowatts, and hydropower is 130,000 kilowatts. The company vigorously promotes clean power generation. At present, the company's conventional coal power units have all achieved ultra-low emissions.
Railway transportation: With a total mileage of 2155 kilometers and an annual transportation capacity of 520 million tons, it is the second largest railway operator in China. Among them, the special railway line from Shendong Mining Area to Huanghua Port, the Shen Huang Railway, is the second largest channel of my country's "Western Coal Transportation".

Port Shipping: It owns Huanghua Port, Tianjin Coal Terminal and Zhuhai Gaolan Port, with a designed throughput of 250 million tons. It has 40 cargo ships with a loading capacity of 2.18 million deadweight tons.
Coal chemical industry: Baotou’s coal-to-olefin production capacity is about 600,000 tons per year. Its main products are polyethylene, polypropylene and a small amount of by-products. It has the first domestic large-scale methanol-to-olefin plant (MTO). Bayannaoer Energy Company has 1.2 million tons/year coking production capacity.

Hebei Ocelot Machinery Co., Ltd. established a strategic partnership with China Shenhua Group in 2012. Ocelot Machinery series products are widely used in Shenhua Group's mineral machinery equipment.

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