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Low Pressure Hose Joint

Product name: Low-pressure hose joints

Brand name: Ocelot

Color: as customers'requirements

Materials: Steel

I.D.: 8mm--51mm

Safe factor: 5:1

Product Introduce

Low-pressure hose joints product features:

Low-pressure hose joints adopt the latest nano-materials and select high-quality steel from regular manufacturers. It is based on the relevant standards of the original country, referring to the standards and structures of Germany, the United States, and Japan, and combining various types of connection and sealing forms commonly used in the market. Carefully designed and manufactured; the hose assembly has excellent oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, and high pulse performance; the pipe fittings have the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, good interchangeability, reliable performance, etc., which are in hydraulic transmission technology Indispensable piping connection element.

Ocelot Rubber&Plastic can also provide non-standard joints, hard pipe joints, hose joints, quick couplings, and other forms of high-quality products that meet GB, ISO, DIN, and other standards; concurrently protect products such as protective caps, protective springs, and hydraulic seals.

Product Parameter

Low-pressure hose joints Technical Parameters:

Ocelot low-pressure joints are designed for low-pressure hoses (with maximum working pressure up to 30 bar, depending on diameter). Widely used for rubber and plastic hoses that are not reinforced, as well as with textile reinforcement or with external steel braid, etc.

Ocleot fittings are crimped with the use of low pressure crimping machines .Contrary to hydraulic fittings, Ocelot fittings are not equipped with a collar joining ferrule with fitting. Widely used in flexible hose assemblies for sanitary, fuel, air installations, etc. Ocleot ferrules can also be used for NiTO fittings as well as quick release couplings.

Application Area

Low-pressure hose joints Appication:

• Oilfield equipment and service trucks
• Waste pit recovery/transfer
• Bulk depots and storage facilities
• Transport tank trucks static charge to ground.


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