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BOP Control Hose

1. Scope of application: well control special hose GNG high pressure fire resistance and heat insulation hose assembly is mainly used for drilling blowout preventer hydraulic control and metallurgy

Industry high temperature flammable field hydraulic transmission.

2. Product classification: polymer outer sheath, stainless steel armored outer sheath, stainless steel wire outer sheath.

3. Executive standard: APL Spec 16D SY/T 5053.2 -- 2007

Product Introduce

BOP Control Hose

I. fire-retardant and fire-resistant hose structure:

1: the high temperature and high pressure steel wire winding rubber tube as the matrix, the outer skin coated with nano refractory coating layer, stainless steel wire braided layer and flame retardant layer. 

2: with medium and low pressure rubber hose, laminated rubber hose, cord rubber hose products as the carrier, the external application of fireproof materials, such as asbestos cloth, fiberglass cloth, silica gel fiberglass sleeve, fiberglass cloth, ceramic asbestos cloth, flame retardant rubber materials and other materials mainly high and low pressure pipelines to achieve the external use of flame retardant, high temperature radiation resistance, fire prevention and other effects.

Ii. Characteristics of fire-resistant rubber hose:

High pressure resistance, fire resistance, heat insulation, beautiful corrosion resistance, anti-static, high wear resistance, light weight, high and low temperature resistance, low temperature bending performance is good, long life.

Product Parameter

Iii. Application of fire-retardant rubber hose:

High temperature environment with heat source or heat radiation in oil field well control operation, metal smelting and chemical industry.Hebei qiangyu rubber and plastic pipe industry: the production of high pressure flame retardant rubber hose is based on high temperature and high pressure resistant steel wire wrapped rubber hose, on the basis of steel wire wrapped rubber hose on the latest technology materials nano refractory coating layer, 304 stainless steel wire woven layer and flame retardant layer.High pressure fire-retardant rubber pipe body has no dare to prevent corrosion, pit static electricity, high wear resistance, light weight, high and low temperature resistance, good bending performance at low temperature, with high pressure, fire resistance, heat insulation effect.Therefore, the high-pressure fire-retardant hose has a long life, mainly used in oil field well control operations, metal smelting, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, and chemical industry with heat source or heat radiation in the high temperature environment.

Application Area

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