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Floating dredge hose

Product Name: Floating dredge hose

Brand Name: Ocelot

Color: Orange mix black

Size: 800--1200mm

Safe factor: 3:1

Working Temperature: -20 ℃--80 ℃

Inner rubber layer: NR, SBR or BR.

Reinforcement layer: tire cord with helix wire

Floating layer: PE.

External rubber layer: SBR and CR blend.

Product Introduce

Floating dredge hose Feature:

1.Outer cover with excellent abrasion resistance and UV protection.

2.Inner layer with excellent abrasion resistance and high quality.

3.Single foam flotation casing to prevent water absorption.

4.Wearing colored indicator layer.

5.Area above water not less than 20% of total volume.

6.Bending angle: in working condition, the bending angle is from 0°to 45°.

7.Low center of gravity, strong anti-wave ability, good stability.

8.Easy installation, good adhesion, long service life.

9.The product can be customized according to clients' requirements.

Product Parameter

Floating dredge hose specification:

Ship typeInner diameter(mm)Working pressurelength
80m³/HΦ300 650mm hg Max*Vac 650mm highaccording to requirements
Haili 1600Φ500
Haili 3800Φ650
Haili 4600Φ700

The products can be designed and produced according to your requirements.

Steel flange mud hose main specification and parameters:

Ship typeDredging tube diameter(mm)Hose diameter(mm)Steel cord layer(mm)Nylon cord fabric layer(mm)Length(mm)
Haili 1600Φ500Φ5006241500
Haili 3800Φ650Φ6508321500
Haili 4600Φ700Φ7008321500

The products can be designed and produced according to your requirements.

Application Area

Floating dredge hose Application:

Floating dredge hose is used for port, dock, discharge seawater, silt, sand, food, etc.  particularly suited to work of dredging construction for dock and port, building projection and so on.

Self-floating rubber pipe can be made according to your needs, The length, the inside diameter and the working pressure all can be customized, In addition, High-Pressure Steam Hose is widely used in these fields.


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