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Concrete Pump Hose

Product Name: Concrete Pump Hose

Brand Name: Ocelot

Inner layer rubber: polyurethane and butyl rubber are the main material

Enhancement layer: 4 layers of steel wire wound

                                 the use of copper wire braided hose,

Size: 2--6 inch

Working Pressure: 85bar

Burst Pressure: 240Psi

Working Temperature: -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to +212 °F).

Product Introduce

Concrete Pump Hose Description:

Concrete Pump Hose bearing the work pressure is the ordinary hose 3-4 Times, with a high degree of resistance, flex features superior performance, enhancing effect. and put in special reinforced material to make mixed-rubber .its color is black and transparent. With high wear resistance, high toughness, high pressure, smooth, and so on. The friction resistance of concrete Wipe, the tube has the pressure transmission medium, wire protection from erosion effect.

Product Parameter

Concrete Pump Hose Technical Parameters:

sizeinner diameterwall thickness toleranceouter diameterworking pressure bursting pressurebend radiusweight
2"50.0 mm9.0±0.75 mm68±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar200 mm2.60 kg/m
2.5"64.0 mm10.0±0.75 mm85±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar250 mm4.30 kg/m
3"76.2 mm12.9±1.00 mm102±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar270 mm6.10 kg/m
3.5"89.0 mm13.5±1.00 mm116±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar290 mm8.00 kg/m
4"101.6 mm14.2±1.00 mm130±1.75 mm85 bar240 bar300 mm9.00 kg/m
4.5"115.0 mm14.0±1.00 mm143±2.00 mm85 bar240 bar320 mm10.20 kg/m
5"127.0 mm16.0±1.00 mm158±2.00 mm85 bar240 bar360 mm12.50 kg/m
6"150.0 mm18.0±1.00 mm168±2.00 mm85 bar240 bar570 mm14.85 kg/m

Application Area

Concrete Pump Hose Application:

Concrete Pump Hose used for placement of concrete at casting location; it is used at the end of the pumps to distribute the concrete. the hose resists suction during the cleaning process. Usually supplied with swaged hardened couplings


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