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Asphalt Hose

Product Name: Asphalt Hose
Brand Name: Ocelot
Cover Synthetic rubber
Tube Synthetic rubber
Material inlay Synthetic textile

Color cover: BlackColour tube: Black

Min. temperature -40 °C
Max. temperature +180 °C

Material spiral Galvanized steel

Reinforcement: Static wire

Product Introduce

Asphalt Hose Description:

Asphalt hose is a strong yet flexible hose, specially designed as a tank truck or tank wanging hose for loading and unloading hot asphalt.

Temperature Range: -15℃--185℃ (+5℉--+365℉)

Product Parameter

Asphalt Hose Technical Parameters:

Inner diameter (mm)Outer diameter (mm)Working pressure (bar)Burst pressure (bar)Bending radius (mm)Length (m)Vacuum (bar)Weight (kg/m)

Application Area

Asphalt Hose Application:   

Asphalt Hose is mainly used for mine hydraulic support, oil field development, suitable for engineering construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgy forging,various machine tools and various industrial departments In the mechanized and automated hydraulic system. In addition, Chemicals discharge hose is widely used in these fields.


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